UTYESS, through our affiliation with USAYESS, are wanting to assist in developing collegiate teams here in Utah. We invite all Utah college students currently meeting  eligibility requirements to participate in our events!

As we always have, UTYESS does allow collegiate athletes to register with USAYESS and maintain membership on any one of our teams, as long as the collegiate athlete is meeting  the eligibility requirements of USAYESS.

Below are the basic requirements for collegiate athletes to continue participating in our events:

  • Athletes must have a valid College school-issued ID card.
  • All undergraduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 as of the academic term in which they qualified for programs; for graduate students, 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • All athletes must be actively enrolled in the current academic term in which they qualified for the program for at least nine degree-seeking credit hours (six credits for graduate students). This means if your season spans two academic terms, the athlete must qualify for both terms, not just the term they joined your team in.
  • Athletes should not be considered a professional shooter/athlete in any shooting sport (this includes receiving a salary or other payment to shoot as a part of a job. This does not apply to the competition, shooting scholarships, tuition reimbursement programs, or equipment funding).
  • Athletes must abide by the USAYESS Code of Conduct, USAYESS sportsmanship agreement, dress code in effect, and all other USAYESS and UTYESS rules and regulations.

We are also experimenting with creating college clubs if a collegiate athlete has no nearby team. The goal is to try and make shooting more available, and more affordable and obtainable for the collegiate athletes, as well as simplifying their schedules for those that cannot travel away from campus as much as they’d like. We are piloting a club in Cedar City with a group of students from Southern Utah University. Cedar Clay Breakers is a collegiate club working closely with club members, Cedar City Trap Club, and us to hopefully find success in better encompassing collegiate shooters into our programs. For their first year they’ll focus mainly on participating in the Virtual Leagues and the Utah State Youth Championships at the end of May.  Utah State University has also started a club at USU, and they will compete wherever they can!

For more information on collegiate shotgun sports in Utah email cedarclaybreakers@gmail.com