May 22, 2024

May 22, 2024     Contact: Alex Lindberg



PLEASANT GROVE, UT – Cedar Fort, Utah, was bustling with activity as the Utah Youth Education in Shooting Sports program (UTYESS) ended another fantastic season with the UTYESS State Junior Clay Target Championships. This year’s event, held at Wasatch Wing and Clay, saw over 926 entries from student-athletes from all over the state.

This year the youth competed in a 100-target Championship Skeet tournament, as well as a 100-target Preliminary Trap tournament, a 50-target Super Sporting tournament, a 100-target Championship Trap tournament, and a 100-target Championship Sporting Clays tournament. 

The UTYESS program also awarded the Utah Rookies of the Year award and the Utah State Team awards. The state team athletes had their photos taken and are featured on posters in many of the gun clubs throughout the state of Utah, as well as the UTYESS State Website worldwide, along with their names and shooting averages within the next few weeks. Images of the Utah State Team poster will also be available online.

UTYESS has over 350 youth in the program in 13 teams statewide, making Utah the largest USAYESS program nationwide.

“Youth shooting sports today is the nation’s fastest-growing high school sport,” said Beard. “In 2017, the year I was nominated and elected for President of the program, we had 51 Utah athletes competing in the State Shoot. Today that is about the size of one team. The number of youth interested in shooting sports is outstanding and will continue to increase.”

UTYESS Team and their head coaches are:

  • JR Nostrom, Cache Valley Crushers, Logan
  • Randy Christensen, Ogden Clay Dusters, Ogden
  • Brad Hill / Isaac Erickson, Phoenix Clay Target Shooting Team, Farmington
  • Mike Stuart, Riverton Shooting Club, Salt Lake City
  • Kirk Horinek, Wasatch Wing & Clay Youth Shooting Team, Cedar Fort
  • Matt Reich, Skyline X, Provo & Spanish Fork
  • Richard Nielson, Trigger Therapy, Ephraim
  • Dusty Wiseman, Milford Young Guns, Milford
  • Paul Niemeyer, Wild Goose Clays, Richfield
  • Kyson Muhlestein, Cedar City Hot Shots and Cedar Clay Breakers, Cedar City
  • Brent McFadden, Purgatory Orange Crush, Saint George

UTYESS is also governed by an Executive Committee. The success and progress of the program have relied heavily on the Executive Committee and its oversight and will continue to do so. Their combined experience in shooting sports and business management has proven beneficial in the growth of UTYESS. During the event, the head coaches met and elected Randy Christensen as Chief Operations Officer of Northern Utah.

The UTYESS Executive Committee consists of five officers:

  • Brian Beard, President,
  • Matt Reich, Executive Vice President,
  • Jim Clark, Secretary,
  • Randy Christensen, Chief Operations Officer of Northern Utah
  • Dusty Wiseman, Chief Operations Officer of Southern Utah

“The most important piece of our program is the youth, their parents, family, and friends, that all support them, drive them to practice every week, and to attend the competitions,” Said Brian Beard, President of UTYESS. “Youth shooting sports is one of the most expensive and sometimes time-demanding sports today’s youth can choose to compete in. It would not be possible for them without the support of their family and friends.”

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About Utah Youth Education in Shooting Sports

Utah Youth Education in Shooting Sports (UTYESS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the youth in Utah about wildlife conservation and firearm safety and promoting youth shooting sports on a competitive and scholastic level throughout the State. Our purpose is to provide training and guidance to the youth shooting programs of Utah. To develop self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, respect, personal discipline, responsibility, citizenship, teamwork, and sportsmanship through regular practice and competitions at local, state, and national levels with our events.  For more information on UTYESS or to find a team near you, visit or call (385) 323-0815.

About USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports

USAYESS is a non-profit organization and the nation’s only all-inclusive youth program that introduces, grows, supports, and educates the youth, and their families about firearm safety, shooting sports, and wildlife conservation and habitat. For more information, visit